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More Choices Insurance of Roseville

More Choices Insurance Agency, LLC of Roseville is an independent insurance agency.

What does that mean and why should you care?

It means that I can:

  • Quote several companies to find the best rate
  • Change your insurance company if the rates go up
  • Change your insurance company if your driving record changes
  • Offer multi-policy discounts
  • Offer multi-carrier packages if that is what is best for you
  • Write almost all lines of insurance
  • Offer money-saving tips

Having an independent office allows me a greater variety of policies, costs and services to offer my clients. I am better able to tailor a package for all of your insurance needs by sometimes using more than one company if necessary to obtain the best coverage at the lowest rate.

No matter what you drive, what kind of home you own, what business you have, or what challenges you have when trying to buy life insurance, I can help find the right product for you.

Keep in mind that one size does not fit all and that is why you need someone who can shop around for you.

insurance rosevilleWe are so thankful for More Choices Insurance Agency.
Kathy got us a better Insurance for a cheaper price than we were paying. Kathy has a quick response with any of my questions.
Kathy took care of all changes for us. I didn't have to call my old company to cancel. I was pleased with the care my referral got from More Choices Insurance.
Thank you for your roseville

Kathy Culverson, Lincoln, CA
SellState Realty First


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Consider the Benefits...
...of an Independent Insurance Agent

When you have a claim...

I am your advocate helping you every step through the claims process.

When things change in your
household situation...

I can make the adjustments smoothly in order to switch you to another company. You won’t have to spend valuable time shopping for another agent. Instead, I am always looking out for you.

When rates go up with one carrier...

I am out looking for another one instead of ignoring it and hoping you don’t notice.



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Getting the right insurance is no accident.
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