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What makes More Choices Insurance of Texas perfect for your business coverage?

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independent insurance agent in Roseville, CA

More Choices Insurance Agency, LLC of Corpus Christi, TX is an independent commercial insurance agency.

What does that mean and why should you care? It means that I can:

  • Quote several companies to find the best rate
  • Change your insurance company if the rates go up
  • Change your insurance company if your employees driving records change
  • Offer multi-policy discounts
  • Offer multi-carrier packages if that is what is best for you
  • Write most lines of commercial insurance
  • Offer money-saving tips

When you have a claim...

I am your advocate helping you every step through the claims process.

When things change in your business situation...

I can make the adjustments smoothly in order to switch you to another company. You won’t have to spend valuable time shopping for another agent. Instead, I am always looking out for you.


When rates go up with one carrier...

I am out looking for another one instead of ignoring it and hoping you don’t notice.
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Thank you so very much for taking the time to review my general liability insurance policy. I have been in business for over 20 years and have never taken the time to review my policy and always took it for granted that it was the right policy for me and boy was I wrong. Your review revealed not only factual errors that would have resulted in claims problems if the need arose, but you also identified policy limit anomalies that did not match my business profile.

Kathy, as a result of your work we were able to identify over $600.00 in savings. Perhaps 20 years won’t pass before I have the policy reviewed again.

Mark Ransbury

A Visual Advantage Landscape Architect

I just wanted to send you this thank you note expressing how grateful my wife and I are for your total professionalism and expertise. My wife Laura was blown away when I told her that you had showed me that we were under-insured in our car policies, coverage for our business vehicle, and over-insured on our umbrella policy. Plus she and I were very happy that you could insure us with better policies and save us over five hundred dollars while doing it. It makes us shiver with fear to know that the other insurance company put my family’s way of life at risk for so long. Having been with one of the biggest insurance companies for the last twelve years I always felt like they didn’t appreciate my business and virtually ignored me when I went in to ask questions. For that reason I’ve felt like I didn’t trust the insurance I had and after meeting you I just knew that you would give me the correct direction to go and you did. It’s with a total heartfelt thank you that I sleep better at night.

Mike Snider, Rocklin, CA

The Carpet General

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