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For over three years now I have had Kathy handle both my home and auto policies, Since then I have sent her new business because of the level of confidence I have in her. She is absolutely amazing and I love that she is available to answer questions and changes when they arise, Thanks Kathy!

Kortni DeGiorgis, Citrus Heights

Kathy has consistently done a great job meeting all of our insurance needs. She always goes above and beyond trying to find us the best rates. She is always diligently searching for the best company to insure our home, cars and umbrella that offer us the best rates- even with multiple teenage drivers. She is quick to respond to our calls or emails and has even contacted us on weekends. We would highly recommend More Choices Insurance to anyone searching for the best rates and personal service. Thank you Kathy!

Dave & Laura Corsetti , Rocklin

I had been with More Choices Insurance/Kathy for years for my home owners insurance and another company for my autos. When I needed my insurance on my auto I found what coverage I thought I had wasn’t there. I went to Kathy for all my insurance needs. She found me a great rate and a better coverage for a little more cost. She worked for me to find the best and I have TRUST in her work on my behalf. She is great to work with and knows her stuff! If your insurance isn’t here it should be!
You are awesome and thanks.
Sandra Souza

Sandra Souza

I recently purchased my first home and words cannot express how much of a saving grace Kathy was for me. I had to decide my home owners insurance and didn’t have the first clue what to ask or what kind of coverage I needed. I made several calls to different agents and all I could do was hope that they were giving me accurate and honest information. I quickly felt like I was drowning and would just have to pick one and hope for the best. And then my realtor recommended Kathy Romonsky.

After speaking to her, it was as if a proverbial light bulb went off. She patiently and methodically explained each and every detail about the available coverage and she also detailed the benefits if I wanted to add my auto coverage as well. I knew without a doubt that Kathy and More Choices Insurance was the right fit for me. And as it turns out, for my family as well. I was so happy with her hard work, I encouraged my parents to switch over to her as well for their auto insurance. And she was able to save us all quite a bit of money.

She was so diligent about calling me, emailing me and following up on any questions I had. I’m a night shift worker and she was even thoughtful enough to only call in the morning when I got home from work or in the late afternoon after she knew I would be up. When someone knows so many personal and financial details about you, it has the potential of feeling unnerving. But with Kathy, it is the little things she does like that, that make the difference between just having an insurance agent and feeling like you’ve made a friend.

I cannot recommend Kathy and her company highly enough. I give her 10 stars!

Summer C., Lincoln, CA

We are so thankful for More Choices Insurance Agency.
Kathy got us a better Insurance for a cheaper price than we were paying.
Kathy has a quick response with any of my questions.
Kathy took care of all changes for us.
I didn’t have to call my old company to cancel.
I was pleased with the care my referral got from More Choices Insurance.
Thank you for your service.

Kathy Culverson, Lincoln, CA

SellState Realty First

Dear Kathy,

Thank you so very much for taking the time to review my general liability insurance policy. I have been in business for over 20 years and have never taken the time to review my policy and always took it for granted that it was the right policy for me and boy was I wrong. Your review revealed not only factual errors that would have resulted in claims problems if the need arose, but you also identified policy limit anomalies that did not match my business profile.

Kathy, as a result of your work we were able to identify over $600.00 in savings. Perhaps 20 years won’t pass before I have the policy reviewed again…

Thanks again Kathy.

Mark Ransbury

A Visual Advantage Landscape Architect

Hi Kathy,

I just wanted to send you this thank you note expressing how grateful my wife and I are for your total professionalism and expertise. My wife Laura was blown away when I told her that you had showed me that we were under-insured in our car policies, coverage for our business vehicle, and over-insured on our umbrella policy. Plus she and I were very happy that you could insure us with better policies and save us over five hundred dollars while doing it. It makes us shiver with fear to know that the other insurance company put my family’s way of life at risk for so long. Having been with one of the biggest insurance companies for the last twelve years I always felt like they didn’t appreciate my business and virtually ignored me when I went in to ask questions. For that reason I’ve felt like I didn’t trust the insurance I had and after meeting you I just knew that you would give me the correct direction to go and you did. It’s with a total heartfelt thank you that I sleep better at night.

Mike Snider, Rocklin, CA

The Carpet General

I feel truly lucky to have been connected to Kathy through my lender when I purchased my first home. She was able to get excellent (platinum, as a matter of fact) home insurance coverage that cost less than my mortgage insurance! Advising me to add my auto insurance to the package, I ended up saving $40/month on my rate with 100% better coverage. She took the time to explain every line on both insurance plans, educating me on how little coverage I had before. I can only imagine what trouble I would be in had I been in a serious accident – I feel like a safer driver and home owner knowing I am covered. My fiancé was so impressed that he jumped on the wagon and after adding to my plan ended up saving over $45 a month as well.

I would recommend Kathy to anyone who was in the need of insurance coverage, and brag about how fabulous she is whenever I can!


Chastity Montgomery

Sacramento, CA

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